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Month: June, 2013

Daily Prompt: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Ok. I am going to be very heavily biased here, so please bear with me. I would prefer airplanes more than any another mode of transportation. I am a Premier Silver member on United’s MileagePlus program and I am also enrolled in Delta’s SkyMiles program, Frontier’s EarlyReturns program, and Southwest’s Raid Rewards program. That and planes are the safest mode of transportation and they can take you anywhere you want. Around the world, a nearby city, trans-pacific, and even cross-country. They are fast and reliable. Also they have various ways to prevent anything bad from happening on a commercial flight. So why not planes?


Random “Inspire Me” Post

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

My strongest memory of nervousness was when I tried out for Troubadours at CCHS. The excitement totally caused the adrenaline. It gets scary because you know you could, but it all depends on the circumstances of what happens in the 3 part audition. It was totally justified as I had a feeling I didn’t make it. (Spoiler Alert: I did make it.)  I responded by doing the best that I could do. I knew I had a shot after my audition, even though I had spots of doubts whenever I thought about what it takes to get into this amazing choir program.



Seriously. I believe that this is the greatest game of all time. I can’t really find anything to criticize in this game. I just can’t. It’s hands down my favorite game of all time. Games are a form of entertainment, but this game just blows my mind. It still thrills me to the edge of my seat and I’ve played the full game at least 7 times now. There are just so many dungeons each with different enemies, characteristics, soundtracks, bosses, etc. Although this is an old game, it’s still my favorite game of all time as well as the best Nintendo 64 game. What is it, you may ask? Here’s what I’ll say. By now you should have guessed what game this is going to be. I’ve gone through most of the bestsellers and the top rated games. What could be left? I even mentioned it in the last post. It’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!!! But this game is groundbreaking for it’s time. Heck, I was born about a year before this game came out.  LoZ changed for the better with a free roaming world to explore around with multiple side quests. They include getting Biggoron’s Sword and getting Epona. (Z-)Targeting also was a major breakthrough being able to aim and arrows faster and slice and dice better. Another important feature is the child Link and the adult Link. This is so important in gameplay changing constantly to discover new things and to solve puzzles. The ocarina is now of the most widely used instruments after recorders and voices, but it has important meanings in OoT. It’s in the title and you use it to teleport and/or summon. Its soundtrack is one of the most beautiful all-around soundtracks of all video games and it is so widely recognized that it could be elevator music anywhere. To show how amazing this game is, I will tell you how many copies I own. I own the N64 collector’s edition, the N64 regular, the N64 Japanese regular, the GameCube version, and the Wii Virtual Console version. I cannot get enough of this game. It’s just so amazing in so many different ways. For the last time in this countdown, I recommend getting the orignal N64 version whether if it’s the collector’s edition or the regular edition. But I absolutely love this game. Last point. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get the 3DS version. I’ve played it and it completely detracts from the true game. It also makes the game brighter and it makes switching items easily which is what the developers of the N64 version didn’t want. I can tell you that the Water Temple is just as hard as everyone makes it out to be. But on the 3DS version, it is much easier. So, I applaud you for being able to deal with me and my ranting about the Nintendo 64 and its games. Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more posts on the most random stuff on the internet. 😛 Thanks so much again.

My #2 Nintendo 64 Game

#2 is… the… 3 Days Game

Ok, I don’t expect all y’all to get that reference. But for those of you who know it, I’m so proud of you!!! But, anyways #2 is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. It’s one of the best games on the Nintendo 64 and it’s one of the greatest LoZ games ever.  The game is very dark and so when people want a comparison, I compare it to the greatest Star Wars movie so far, The Empire Strikes Back. They have many similarities including a dark storyline, plot twists, and a complex overall storyline with many tangents/side stories. I need to mention that in LoZ:MM there are many references/easter eggs, including the masks. The masks play a huge part in the story transforming Link into different beings to solve missions and puzzles. Like every other Zelda game, the whole game is a big puzzle, stretching your mind to the limit trying to save the world from destruction from the moon crashing into Termina/the world. But there are some amazing aspects of this game, but none is more amazing than the 3 day limit on the game which make this the hardest overall LoZ game. I have timed how long 3 days is equal to and it’s about 55 minutes. So you have a time limit of 55 minutes to do the whole first mission before you can start turning back time. Although 55 minutes seems long, it passes by really fast because you’re under a pretty big amount of  pressure and stress to get the first quest done. An advisory for those of you who are playing this game for the first time: Don’t get frustrated after 1 time. It took me 4 times to get through the first part of the game. Also, roll. Link goes much faster when you roll. Talking about rolling around, the physics of this game are way off making it possible to have a smidge of a block on a ledge stay on the ledge and rolling up the stairs. Don’t try that at home. Please don’t. This game looks so much better than LoZ:Ocarina of Time because it’s requires the 4 mb expansion pak. I absolutely love this game so much though, but my #1 Nintendo 64 game is my best game of all time. And don’t get me wrong. This is an amazing game and it’s worth your money. But again, I advise those of you who want this game to get the original versus the GameCube, Wii Virtual Console version, and the future 3DS version.

My #3 Nintendo 64 Game

#3 is… the… DO A BARREL ROLL GAME!!!

Seriously, if you don’t know what game that comes from, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not joking. It’s one of the most famous video game quotes. JUST SEARCH IT UP!!! Anyways… Star Fax 64 is a office game to helps managers teach their employees to… Wait. Hold on… My sources are telling me I’m being mistaken. Ohhhhhhh… Star Fox 64. JK, y’all. Star Fox is one of the greatest franchises in video game history and Star Fox 64 is the greatest game in that series. Tell me that flying through space with bionic animals in expensive fighter jets that do somersaults and barrel rolls is not cool. The Rumble Pak is just another reason this game is so amazing. Vibrating controller users have to thank Star Fox 64. (That means all of you who play video games.) Did you know that the real term for “barrel roll” is an “aileron roll” or a “slow roll” in the game and on Google? Random factoid. NOW YOU KNOW!!! Back to the game. But, seriously this ranks so highly on my top games of all time. I mean who doesn’t like colorful polygons flying at you like you’re in a 3D movie? Multiplayer is quite addicting and fun when you’re just smart bombing your friends. And I know that you’re going to criticize me for liking Slippy. SO? Peppy is useless (unless you’re a beginner) just shouting “TRY A SOMERSAULT” and DO A BARREL ROLL” at you while Slippy actually gives you the boss’s health. And my last point. But, the game actually has tons of replay value for you to get to every stage and level. The game even changes it’s difficulty based on how well you do on a stage. SO… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?! PLAY THE DAMN GAME!!!! (WARNING: The 3DS version is quite different than the actual game, so if you’re a traditional player, I recommend the original game. That and the controls feel more natural on the N64 controller.)

My #4 Nintendo 64 Game

#4 is Goldeneye 007

Ok, what can I say about this game? I’ll say 10 important things about Goldeneye 007. First, for all of you reading this that play FPS’s, you must thank the developers at Rare and Nintendo for creating the predecesor to all FPS’s. Second, the multiplayer is quite addicting. Not joking. It’s so addicting. Third, the golden gun is so cheap, but awesome. Fourth, the story is so amazing mirroring the movie. Fifth, the sniper scope is so amazing. Seriously. Once again, if you use snipers in FPS’s, you have to thank Goldeneye for creating a realistic sniper scope in game. Sixth, the environment is so detailed and realistic. Seventh, the bullet holes and smoke from the gun just reinstates how realistic this game looks. Eighth, the special effects of glass in the game are unprecedented in video games and are used in future video games. Ninth, the soundtrack of this game, is music to my ears. (NO PUN INTENDED) But seriously, the music is perfectly fitted and there are even transitions between elevator music and normal soundtrack just keep making this game more and more realistic. Tenth, seriously??? If you haven’t played this, I’m pretty sure I’ve explained it in 9 things. But if not, you can look at you fricking watch to avoid enemy bullets and damage and an added bonus, pausing the game!

My #5 Nintendo 64 Game

#5 is Super Smash Bros.

Ok, people say that series this is the modern crossover fighting series, over any other series. And I am not one to disagree with that comment. Super Smash Bros.’s box and manuel are works of art in comic book form. The commercial for the game was brillant and I applaud whoever thought of that commercial. ( 12 characters from multiple Nintendo game series’ duking it out is pretty fricking awesome. If you’ve played any game in the series, you know what fun it can bring with a group of people. Yeah, I can’t really say much more. If you haven’t played any of these games, then WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!?

My #6 Nintendo 64 Game

#6 is Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a very important N64 game, being on of the launch titles for the console. The camera action was amazing to show off the 3D world. By its free moving camera focused on Mario, it showed many paths that Mario could take in every direction. You may not think about it, but every 3D 3rd person game has it’s roots in Super Mario 64. Here, if a game’s be re-released 4 times, then it’s a truly brillant game. The artistic design is very beautiful reminding me of what would happen if Nintendo were to buy Pixar from Disney. The game fully integrated every part of the Nintendo 64 controller.  I fully remember jumping through paintings on walls in Peach’s castle and trying it on my own. (It didn’t go well.) But the beauty and technical standpoint of this game has revolutionized every game since then.

My #7 Nintendo 64 Game

#7 is Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 introduced me to the world of Mario Kart. With it’s amazing tracks and it’s great overall gameplay, it’s not hard to see that this game is ranked #7 on my list. It integrated 4 players, many NPCs and tracks, and many game modes changing the experience every time. It was the ultimate party/group game enticing fights and anger during the race. But one of my fondest memories was when your friend was in 1st place and you got a blue shell… Yeah, you get the reaction and aftermath.

My #8 Nintendo 64 Game



#8 is Paper Mario

Paper Mario is almost, just almost like any other Mario game, but the twist that Paper Mario has done on the Mario series is quite substantial. It brought out the special effects of having 2D characters in a 3D world whilst still keeping the x, y, and z axes. Also different from other Mario games, it’s told as a story using a novel format with different chapters which separates the story into sizable chunks. Other added bonuses included the ability to play as Peach in between chapters and letting Mario have a partner to help him. But, the real differences came in the battle sequences between Mario and his enemies. In the normal Mario RPG, he would just kill the enemy with no organization, but in Paper Mario, it introduced the rotation battle which reminded me of a Mario-based Pokémon game.