My #10 Nintendo 64 Game

by werewolfkevinli

So here it is. My #10 Nintendo 64 game. Let me tell you that it was hard to choose which game was number 10 because there are other amazing games that deserve to be on this list, but they didn’t make it on, including Perfect Dark, F-Zero X, Mario Party, and Donkey Kong 64. I also want to point out that this purely based on my opinion. Anyways here we go.

#10 is Pokémon Snap

One of my fondest memories of my childhood, is trying to capture the elusive and hard to get picture of a surfing Pikachu. Looking back at myself, I feel like a total idiot. But I have a lot to thank Pokémon Snap for. It introduced me to the amazing and ever so changing world of Pokémon. Pokémon is one of the greatest game franchises in my opinion and it’s still going strong even after 6 generations and 17 years. It has spawned over 650 memorable creatures and sold over 215 million copies. But Pokémon Snap is so memorable because it showed a new way that Pokémon could work as a game. Taking pictures was much different than previous missions of catching them all. It was a different way to fill up your Pokédex and Professor Oak critiquing you on every specific detail just encouraged to get him a better picture.