My #6 Nintendo 64 Game

by werewolfkevinli

#6 is Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a very important N64 game, being on of the launch titles for the console. The camera action was amazing to show off the 3D world. By its free moving camera focused on Mario, it showed many paths that Mario could take in every direction. You may not think about it, but every 3D 3rd person game has it’s roots in Super Mario 64. Here, if a game’s be re-released 4 times, then it’s a truly brillant game. The artistic design is very beautiful reminding me of what would happen if Nintendo were to buy Pixar from Disney. The game fully integrated every part of the Nintendo 64 controller.  I fully remember jumping through paintings on walls in Peach’s castle and trying it on my own. (It didn’t go well.) But the beauty and technical standpoint of this game has revolutionized every game since then.