My #4 Nintendo 64 Game

by werewolfkevinli

#4 is Goldeneye 007

Ok, what can I say about this game? I’ll say 10 important things about Goldeneye 007. First, for all of you reading this that play FPS’s, you must thank the developers at Rare and Nintendo for creating the predecesor to all FPS’s. Second, the multiplayer is quite addicting. Not joking. It’s so addicting. Third, the golden gun is so cheap, but awesome. Fourth, the story is so amazing mirroring the movie. Fifth, the sniper scope is so amazing. Seriously. Once again, if you use snipers in FPS’s, you have to thank Goldeneye for creating a realistic sniper scope in game. Sixth, the environment is so detailed and realistic. Seventh, the bullet holes and smoke from the gun just reinstates how realistic this game looks. Eighth, the special effects of glass in the game are unprecedented in video games and are used in future video games. Ninth, the soundtrack of this game, is music to my ears. (NO PUN INTENDED) But seriously, the music is perfectly fitted and there are even transitions between elevator music and normal soundtrack just keep making this game more and more realistic. Tenth, seriously??? If you haven’t played this, I’m pretty sure I’ve explained it in 9 things. But if not, you can look at you fricking watch to avoid enemy bullets and damage and an added bonus, pausing the game!