My #3 Nintendo 64 Game

by werewolfkevinli

#3 is… the… DO A BARREL ROLL GAME!!!

Seriously, if you don’t know what game that comes from, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not joking. It’s one of the most famous video game quotes. JUST SEARCH IT UP!!! Anyways… Star Fax 64 is a office game to helps managers teach their employees to… Wait. Hold on… My sources are telling me I’m being mistaken. Ohhhhhhh… Star Fox 64. JK, y’all. Star Fox is one of the greatest franchises in video game history and Star Fox 64 is the greatest game in that series. Tell me that flying through space with bionic animals in expensive fighter jets that do somersaults and barrel rolls is not cool. The Rumble Pak is just another reason this game is so amazing. Vibrating controller users have to thank Star Fox 64. (That means all of you who play video games.) Did you know that the real term for “barrel roll” is an “aileron roll” or a “slow roll” in the game and on Google? Random factoid. NOW YOU KNOW!!! Back to the game. But, seriously this ranks so highly on my top games of all time. I mean who doesn’t like colorful polygons flying at you like you’re in a 3D movie? Multiplayer is quite addicting and fun when you’re just smart bombing your friends. And I know that you’re going to criticize me for liking Slippy. SO? Peppy is useless (unless you’re a beginner) just shouting “TRY A SOMERSAULT” and DO A BARREL ROLL” at you while Slippy actually gives you the boss’s health. And my last point. But, the game actually has tons of replay value for you to get to every stage and level. The game even changes it’s difficulty based on how well you do on a stage. SO… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?! PLAY THE DAMN GAME!!!! (WARNING: The 3DS version is quite different than the actual game, so if you’re a traditional player, I recommend the original game. That and the controls feel more natural on the N64 controller.)