My #2 Nintendo 64 Game

by werewolfkevinli

#2 is… the… 3 Days Game

Ok, I don’t expect all y’all to get that reference. But for those of you who know it, I’m so proud of you!!! But, anyways #2 is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. It’s one of the best games on the Nintendo 64 and it’s one of the greatest LoZ games ever.  The game is very dark and so when people want a comparison, I compare it to the greatest Star Wars movie so far, The Empire Strikes Back. They have many similarities including a dark storyline, plot twists, and a complex overall storyline with many tangents/side stories. I need to mention that in LoZ:MM there are many references/easter eggs, including the masks. The masks play a huge part in the story transforming Link into different beings to solve missions and puzzles. Like every other Zelda game, the whole game is a big puzzle, stretching your mind to the limit trying to save the world from destruction from the moon crashing into Termina/the world. But there are some amazing aspects of this game, but none is more amazing than the 3 day limit on the game which make this the hardest overall LoZ game. I have timed how long 3 days is equal to and it’s about 55 minutes. So you have a time limit of 55 minutes to do the whole first mission before you can start turning back time. Although 55 minutes seems long, it passes by really fast because you’re under a pretty big amount of  pressure and stress to get the first quest done. An advisory for those of you who are playing this game for the first time: Don’t get frustrated after 1 time. It took me 4 times to get through the first part of the game. Also, roll. Link goes much faster when you roll. Talking about rolling around, the physics of this game are way off making it possible to have a smidge of a block on a ledge stay on the ledge and rolling up the stairs. Don’t try that at home. Please don’t. This game looks so much better than LoZ:Ocarina of Time because it’s requires the 4 mb expansion pak. I absolutely love this game so much though, but my #1 Nintendo 64 game is my best game of all time. And don’t get me wrong. This is an amazing game and it’s worth your money. But again, I advise those of you who want this game to get the original versus the GameCube, Wii Virtual Console version, and the future 3DS version.